Never Go On A Travel Without These Essential Oils!


Any bad thing can happen during our travels far from home. In this situation, we can rely on some essential natural oils. With them by our side, we do not have to run to the drugstore every time we are in an emergency.

Never buy products from unconfirmed brands! Most oil items on the market have been mixed with other ingredients. If you want to get ones with 100% natural ingredients, you should buy the bottles from the best organic essential oils brands with the best diffuser humidifier.

With organic ingredients, these oils will assist in alleviating anxiety, stress, headache, earaches, stomach pain, and other common problems during the trip.

You probably wonder whether you can bring these oils on the plane or not, right? Rest assured because these bottles have already met TSA regulations, which allow you to carry liquids in 5 or 15ml bottles on board. You can easily store these oils in your handbag or luggage.

In this article, we explain the top essential oils for travel. You can scroll down to see which oils are important to carry along!

The Best Essential Oils That We Recommend You Use For Travel

Organic essential oils

You should never leave your home without the following essential oils:

Peppermint Oils

You should think about peppermint oils as the very first item in your package! This type of oil can serve many of your purposes, such as alleviating painful stomachs, reducing headaches, etc.

You can also add a small amount of peppermint oil to your toothbrush. They support giving a fresh breath and strengthening your gum.

On another side, you can drop these oils on your clothes. The strong smell of peppermint will prevent your items from sweating odors. Remember that you have to walk a lot during the trip! So don’t let the sweats disrupt your experience.

Lemon Oils

Lemon oils are the second thing that you should have in your luggage. This oil type also serves multiple purposes.

This organic ingredient is well known as a cleansing item. Before washing your clothes, you can add 1 – 2 drops of lemon oils to them. They will help get rid of the stubborn dirt, and stains stuck on your clothes.

Lemon is an ideal ingredient for people who are on a diet. You just need to drop these oils in a cup of water for a great detox to drink.

If you have to struggle with car sickness much, the lemon oils will support you! The strong smell of it will overwhelm the car odor and make you feel better.

In fact, the sweet scent of lemon is very strong. You can rely on it to reduce the odor and increase the breathability in the room of your hotel.

Lavender Oils

Lavender oils are also very necessary if you make your trips in summer. Lavender is the best ingredient for moisturizing the skin. You can add lavender oils to your body. They will prevent your skin from getting sunburned or dry.

Another great use of lavender oils is to calm the skin of the body. This organic ingredient has a sweet scent that will mentally relax your skin during sleep. With the help of it, you will be able to have a complete relaxation after the tiring walking day.

Cedarwood Oils

Cedarwood has the same feature as lavender, which is calming the skin.  You can drop these oils on the bottom of your foot before going to sleep. We don’t exaggerate, but the cedarwood oils work as great as a sleeping pill!

The oils are not only calming but also very sedative. If you have a syndrome or spasmodic feet, they will reduce the pain in them.

Cedarwood is also great as a cough treatment.  You can rub these oils on your chest and throat to reduce the discomfort.

However, if you are pregnant, don’t use this ingredient. As cedarwood regulates the hormones in the body, it may create bad effects on the infant.

Birch Oils

You can see birch oils as an item for muscle tiredness and pain reduction. This ingredient is mainly used in the aspirin formula. Add them to every hurt joint on the legs, and you will be comfortable walking.

Birch oils also feature a sweat scent. You can use them on your clothes, in your hotel room, or in any vehicle. They will help you breathe easier.

There is no test that proves the safety of birch for pregnancy. So if you are having a baby, please avoid these oils.

Melaleuca Oils

Melaleuca does not have a sweet scent like the previous oils do. But you surely can not complain about the quality features of this ingredient.

The melaleuca provides great support in reducing pain. You can use these oils to treat pain in your ears or rub them on your hurt toes to reduce the effects of fungal, bacteria, inflammation, etc.

Those are only the main uses of melaleuca. You can also apply these oils to solve multiple common problems, such as cold sores, blisters, bug bites, bruises, and so on.

Unfortunately, the components of Melaleuca are not good for infants. So please avoid using these oils if you are having a pregnancy.

Don’t Forget To Bring These Oils With You During Every Far From Home Trip!

Natural oils for trips

It is important to have the essential oils when you are far from home. Their organic ingredients will help reduce the pain, support breathing, moisturize the skin, and treat some unwanted diseases, such as headaches, earaches, and painful stomachs.

Remember that some types of oils are not recommended for people who are having a pregnancy. So if you are pregnant, better ask the doctor to see whether the oils are good to use or not.

In case you don’t know where to find quality oil bottles from trustable brands, please get in touch with us! We will introduce to you the best products that we have tested and feel pleased with.

And now, our article will come to an end. Many thanks for reading!

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How To Preserve Your Food On A Road Trip? 6 Helpful Tips

Summer is coming. It is a perfect time to lie on a beach, travel on a road trip, or have a picnic in the peaceful countryside. The trip will get more and more pleasant when you go with your friends or family.

These occasions are never ideal without bringing some food prepared from home. However, keeping the food fresh on a long journey can be complicated and cumbersome, not to mention, in some cases, unhygienic.

Have you experienced a disaster trip with spoiled food before reaching the destination? It must have been a trip to remember right (although not in the most positive light)?

Some trips may be short, but some could last for more than 20 hours. Not properly preserving your food while on the road can result in indigestion and even food poisoning, as well as wasting what could have been a delicious meal.

So the question is, “How can you preserve the food during the whole trip?

You’ve got the answer here in this essay. To tackle this task, we will discuss some common ways to preserve food on the go. Besides traditional tips, you can also use the best butcher knives set to shred food and the best food saver vacuum sealer machine. Here we go!

Choose The Right Cooler Or Food Preserver

Coolers exist in a variety of shapes, sizes, and price points. Deciding from among many possibilities can be difficult, so here is some advice.

You don’t require purchasing the most expensive cooler, just common ones. Bring two coolers for a long road journey if possible, one for food and the other for drinks.

For cold beverages, use a cooler that can be opened easily, and it should have a bottom drain for water from the melted ice to escape. In contrast, the cooler for food should be more fixed and have restricted access during the trip.

Choose an appropriate cooler

Make sure you open the food cooler as little as possible and place it in a dark area like a trunk when not in use. If available, cover the cooler in a sleeping bag while you are on the road or at the campsite.

Make Ice Packs

On a long journey, ice packs would be more effective than crushed ice in keeping your drinks cool until you reach the destination.

Ice packs are simple to produce. Fill a bottle or other container with drink water and pre-freeze it, or simply use the best countertop ice maker. You can also make ice out of drinks like coke or juice for better taste.

This method provides you with ice and additional clean drinking water for your ride back home after the ice has melted. Under the scorching summer heat, ice packs will keep the throats from being parched.

Buy Fresh Produce

Purchasing fresh ingredients is the simplest way to conserve food while traveling. On the day of your trip, buying fresh food and vegetables from the local farmers’ market is a brilliant idea. They can last up twice longer than food bought from the supermarket.

Buy fresh produce

Remember not to wash produce if you intend to store it in vegetable storage bags. If it is not dry when packed, these bags will not help it last longer outside the fridge.

A dumpy, humid, or condensation environment can attract more bacteria or cause the food to rot faster. You may use salt to coat your food or dry it in the oven or over warm air.

Helpful Tips:

Pack Logically

While packing, you should make a list of food and decide which ingredient to consume first. Always arrange food that will often be used at the top while those that should be eaten last at the bottom. Put your ice packs at the top of the cooler as cold air travels downwards.

Heated food delivery bags can help keep meals warm by providing insulation. On the other hand, remember to keep drinks in an iced, compact container because the smaller space can help keep them cold for longer.

Perishable foods such as meat and diaries should be stored directly on top of the ice. For the food that needs to keep dry, put it in a sealed plastic container such as zip-lock bags. If there is room left, use frozen water bottles to fill it.

Pack logically

You can also bring a thermometer to check the temperature of cold food. Make sure to keep the temperature of the container at at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Prepare Delicate Food

You will have fewer issues washing up and avoiding cross-contamination on the road if you prepare perishable food before traveling. Put meat in a separate plastic sack, for instance.

You can shape hamburger patties at home and place them in a bag. Then put them in the fridge the night before if you plan on eating them during the day. You can freeze and thaw them within the ice cooler if you want to use them within 2-3 days.

Vacuum Seal Food

This recommendation is the most modern method to preserve food in this essay.

Different microorganisms can contaminate food, causing health problems for everyone who consumes it. To prevent this, especially when your trip can last for more than 20 hours, you can use a food vacuum sealer machine.

This appliance works by sucking the air out of a plastic bag before sealing it with heat. This maneuver keeps food fresher for longer by creating an environment that makes it very hard for bacteria to either penetrate or thrive while taking less than 5 minutes to perform.

To use the vacuum sealer machine:

Now you have a bag with well-preserved food and can conveniently bring it on the trip.


If you don’t want your trip to turn into a tragedy, you must properly preserve your food when traveling. By following the guidelines mentioned above, you can do your utmost to protect your friends and family from nasty foodborne illnesses and have some enjoyable meals on your trip.

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Step-by-step Guideline on How To Bathe Your Dog At Home

You are a new dog owner and don’t know how to bathe your dog at home effectively? Let’s read this post to find out the best technique for showering your dog!


Having a dog is a healing experience for anyone who has anxiety and stress in daily life. However, raising a dog takes lots of time, effort, and money to keep the dog healthy and hygienic.

There is no need to stress in terms of food because it’s easy to find dogs’ food in any vet store at an affordable price.

But it is not the same case for bathing dogs. Usually, taking a dog to the specialized grooming salon consumes much time and money. Hence, it is better to learn how to bathe the dog at home.

How to bathe your dog at home? Unlike most people think, you cannot bathe the dog simply in the sink, under pull down kitchen faucets. Let’s read this post to find out what is the right way to bathe your dog.

How to bathe your dog at home


Before bathing your dog, it is a must to prepare for it carefully. The more carefully you prepare, the quicker you finish the showering job, right?

Here is what you must have before taking your dog to the bathroom:

  • Soft, absorbent towels
  • Brushes or combs matched with your dog’s fur types
  • A bath mat that is bigger than your dog’s size
  • Shampoos or “body wash” specialized for dogs
  • Eye lubricant or mineral oil
  • A basin (recommended but not required)

There is a common belief that you can use the shampoo or body wash for humans to bath the dogs because the cleansing substance is similar. However, that isn’t the right information. Dog’s skin has an acid mantle and low pH balance, making it sensitive to some human shampoo components.

Given that fact, you should not use human shampoo for bathing your dog because it can be too acidic to balance the pH on the dog’s skin. Please take time to research and find out the suitable dog shampoo for your dog instead.


Lead the dog to the bathroom

Dogs usually run away when having a bath

Now, let’s move to the most challenging part: getting your dog to the bathroom. We have met so many dog owners, and they all share the same experience as us: the dogs scare water.

Whenever they sense that you will take them to a bath, they will try to run away. So, we use some tricks like putting treats along the path to the bathroom to attract dogs. When they follow the line and accidentally get into the bathroom, start bathing then.

Untangle the fur

Untangle the fur

Now that your dog is in the room use a comb or a brush to untangle their fur. Remove all mats or tangles remaining because this stuff will be ten times harder to fix once the dog is wet. Next, pour a few drops of eye lubricant or mineral oil to protect your dog’s eyes from shampoo.

Shower the dog

Pour water into the dog

It’s time to water your dog. Turn on the faucet with low speed and warm temperature and soak your dog from head-to-toe. If you don’t have a faucet or sprayer, then filling water in a basin and letting your dog sit inside that basin is good enough, too.

There is one point to remember: it’s the basic instinct of a dog to shake the water off its body. You have to prevent it by putting a hand at the top of the dogs’ head.

Apply shampoo and massage

Consequently, apply shampoo onto your dog’s coat. You can pour the shampoo onto the brush, combs, or on your bare hands and then add a few water drops to create bubbles. Then, apply the substances to the dog’s body. Remember to avoid all sensitive areas like the eyes, genital area, and face.

Next, you need to rub and scrub your dog continuously for about 2 to 3 minutes. Please remember to scrub mildly, just “massage” them, not “remove their fur.” If conducting properly, your dog will enjoy this step. They will lie down on the floor, close their eyes, and enjoy themselves calmly.

It would be best if you let the shampoo sit out on the dog’s coat for 10 to 15 minutes. Meanwhile, rub their ears and feet moderately.

Rinse the body

Rinse the dog

After 15 minutes, now take out the faucet and wash away all the shampoo. Usually, we use warm water, apply a stream of water to the coat, and slowly move the stream to the whole body. This technique will prevent shampoo from getting into the eyes.

Then, apply lukewarm or cool water once to close the pores and remove all shampoo residue remaining.

Dry the dog

Drying after bathing

Finally, stand back and let your dogs shake themselves strongly. After a few powerful shakes, most water will be removed from the dog’s coat naturally without your effort. Then, place a towel on the floor, let your dog go on and use another towel to dry the dog’s body.

If your dog tolerates the blow dryer, then you can also try it with low heat mode to dry your dog more quickly.

Tips for bathing your dog at home

  • Before bathing, brush your dog’s fur mildly to untangle.
  • The ideal frequency for bathing is once a month.
  • Before pouring water to the dog, talk to them in a soft, calm, and assuring voice.
  • Use warm water to shower your dog.
  • Coat the dog with cool water after washing away shampoo to close the pores.
  • Air-drying is recommended rather than using a blow dryer because a dryer can burn the dog’s fur.
  • After bathing, reward your dog with good food or treats to relieve their stress.

Wrapping it up

Through this post, we have already discovered the proper method to bathe dogs at home. There are so many different methods, but the technique mentioned above is the most precise, detailed, and easiest to follow for new dogs’ owners.

Besides, we also provide some showering tips for more effective dog bathing at home. The bathing process is not too complicated, but if you follow our tricks and tips, your dogs will be far cleaner.

We hope this post provides helpful insights on how to bathe your dog at home. Good luck!

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Embark on a journey of relaxation and well-being at Desert Rose Resort’s Planet Beach Spa, where our guests can pamper themselves with luxurious spa treatments at the hands of our skilled esthetician. A gym fitness facility is also available, with state of the art equipment that will serve our guest’s every fitness need.

Spa treatments include:
Facial treatments
Massage treatments
Peeling treatments
Body Renewal Therapy
Sauna & Steam Room
Indoor Jacuzzi
Turkish Hammam
Manicure & Pedicure

Get more our services:

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Meetings & Events

The Desert Rose Resort provides two meeting rooms equipped for business needs, audio visual equipment, banquet service and seating arrangements available upon request.

Salam Meeting Room:
With the size of 130 sqm, provides the following capacities: 

  • Theater Style: 100 Persons
  • Cinema Style: 75 Persons
  • Round Tables Style:   30 Persons
  • U Shape Style: 40 Persons
  • Class Room Style: 60 Persons


Rose Meeting Room:
With the size of 650 sqm, provides the following capacities:

  • Theater Style:   350 Persons
  • Cinema Style:   300 Persons
  • Round Tables Style:   120 Persons
  • U Shape Style:   80 Persons
  • Class Room Style:   200 Persons

Other services

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Desert Rose Resort Overview

Within 10 minutes from Hurghada International Airport and only 15 minutes to Hurghada city center, the resort offers an array of choices for recreation , dining , shopping and entertainment as well as business. The Resort is ideally located on a beautiful private beach & situated on 300000 m2 providing an ideal setting for relaxation with it’s prime position blended with a 40000 m2 natural lagoon & 1 KM private beach suitable for sun – seekers, beach – lovers and scuba – divers alike. The Desert Rose Resort offers ideal conditions for a perfect holiday with an ideal 24 hours All Inclusive setting. The ideal lagoon is a choice location for windsurfing and enjoys a unique stretch of private beachfront providing a wonderful environment for activities or simply enjoying the sun. A year round unbeatable climate enables guests to relax in the resort pools or swim in the tranquil red sea lagoon. Spacious appointed guest rooms feature overlooking view of lush, landscaped gardens, swimming pools or sea view.