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Step-by-step Guideline on How To Bathe Your Dog At Home

You are a new dog owner and don’t know how to bathe your dog at home effectively? Let’s read this post to find out the best technique for showering your dog!


Having a dog is a healing experience for anyone who has anxiety and stress in daily life. However, raising a dog takes lots of time, effort, and money to keep the dog healthy and hygienic.

There is no need to stress in terms of food because it’s easy to find dogs’ food in any vet store at an affordable price.

But it is not the same case for bathing dogs. Usually, taking a dog to the specialized grooming salon consumes much time and money. Hence, it is better to learn how to bathe the dog at home.

How to bathe your dog at home? Unlike most people think, you cannot bathe the dog simply in the sink, under pull down kitchen faucets. Let’s read this post to find out what is the right way to bathe your dog.

How to bathe your dog at home


Before bathing your dog, it is a must to prepare for it carefully. The more carefully you prepare, the quicker you finish the showering job, right?

Here is what you must have before taking your dog to the bathroom:

  • Soft, absorbent towels
  • Brushes or combs matched with your dog’s fur types
  • A bath mat that is bigger than your dog’s size
  • Shampoos or “body wash” specialized for dogs
  • Eye lubricant or mineral oil
  • A basin (recommended but not required)

There is a common belief that you can use the shampoo or body wash for humans to bath the dogs because the cleansing substance is similar. However, that isn’t the right information. Dog’s skin has an acid mantle and low pH balance, making it sensitive to some human shampoo components.

Given that fact, you should not use human shampoo for bathing your dog because it can be too acidic to balance the pH on the dog’s skin. Please take time to research and find out the suitable dog shampoo for your dog instead.


Lead the dog to the bathroom

Dogs usually run away when having a bath

Now, let’s move to the most challenging part: getting your dog to the bathroom. We have met so many dog owners, and they all share the same experience as us: the dogs scare water.

Whenever they sense that you will take them to a bath, they will try to run away. So, we use some tricks like putting treats along the path to the bathroom to attract dogs. When they follow the line and accidentally get into the bathroom, start bathing then.

Untangle the fur

Untangle the fur

Now that your dog is in the room use a comb or a brush to untangle their fur. Remove all mats or tangles remaining because this stuff will be ten times harder to fix once the dog is wet. Next, pour a few drops of eye lubricant or mineral oil to protect your dog’s eyes from shampoo.

Shower the dog

Pour water into the dog

It’s time to water your dog. Turn on the faucet with low speed and warm temperature and soak your dog from head-to-toe. If you don’t have a faucet or sprayer, then filling water in a basin and letting your dog sit inside that basin is good enough, too.

There is one point to remember: it’s the basic instinct of a dog to shake the water off its body. You have to prevent it by putting a hand at the top of the dogs’ head.

Apply shampoo and massage

Consequently, apply shampoo onto your dog’s coat. You can pour the shampoo onto the brush, combs, or on your bare hands and then add a few water drops to create bubbles. Then, apply the substances to the dog’s body. Remember to avoid all sensitive areas like the eyes, genital area, and face.

Next, you need to rub and scrub your dog continuously for about 2 to 3 minutes. Please remember to scrub mildly, just “massage” them, not “remove their fur.” If conducting properly, your dog will enjoy this step. They will lie down on the floor, close their eyes, and enjoy themselves calmly.

It would be best if you let the shampoo sit out on the dog’s coat for 10 to 15 minutes. Meanwhile, rub their ears and feet moderately.

Rinse the body

Rinse the dog

After 15 minutes, now take out the faucet and wash away all the shampoo. Usually, we use warm water, apply a stream of water to the coat, and slowly move the stream to the whole body. This technique will prevent shampoo from getting into the eyes.

Then, apply lukewarm or cool water once to close the pores and remove all shampoo residue remaining.

Dry the dog

Drying after bathing

Finally, stand back and let your dogs shake themselves strongly. After a few powerful shakes, most water will be removed from the dog’s coat naturally without your effort. Then, place a towel on the floor, let your dog go on and use another towel to dry the dog’s body.

If your dog tolerates the blow dryer, then you can also try it with low heat mode to dry your dog more quickly.

Tips for bathing your dog at home

  • Before bathing, brush your dog’s fur mildly to untangle.
  • The ideal frequency for bathing is once a month.
  • Before pouring water to the dog, talk to them in a soft, calm, and assuring voice.
  • Use warm water to shower your dog.
  • Coat the dog with cool water after washing away shampoo to close the pores.
  • Air-drying is recommended rather than using a blow dryer because a dryer can burn the dog’s fur.
  • After bathing, reward your dog with good food or treats to relieve their stress.

Wrapping it up

Through this post, we have already discovered the proper method to bathe dogs at home. There are so many different methods, but the technique mentioned above is the most precise, detailed, and easiest to follow for new dogs’ owners.

Besides, we also provide some showering tips for more effective dog bathing at home. The bathing process is not too complicated, but if you follow our tricks and tips, your dogs will be far cleaner.

We hope this post provides helpful insights on how to bathe your dog at home. Good luck!

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