Cooking The Best Indoor Grill Food Becomes Easy Than Ever

Most people don’t know the fundamentals of grilling meat to perfection. Are you looking for a way to cook the best indoor grill food?

Let’s refer to the information mentioned below to figure out the standard process. Each step is vital for applying to make your best steak.

Process For The Best Indoor Grill Food

Step 1: Dry The Meat

Dry The Meat Surface

If you’ve ever tasted a standard steak, you’ve certainly felt the crust on the grilled meat surface. The blend of the crust outside and the tender meat inside is a perfect combination.

Thus, the first step when starting your perfect steak is always to dry the meat surface. You can use paper towels or clean lint-free towels to absorb all the water on the surface of the meat.

If you don’t follow this step, the amount of water on the meat surface causes the meat doneness to be incorrect. This phenomenon happens when the meat surface’s moisture evaporates because of contact with the hot skillet.

Also, you can accurately determine the meat’s internal temperature for each step without the affection of moisture evaporation. That is vital for making the best steak.

So, you should make sure to pat the meat dry before starting the steak process.

Step 2: Meat Season

Marinade meat

You certainly don’t want your meat to be bland. Therefore, an indispensable step in the steak process is marinating (season) the meat. Depending on the recipe and the meat type you want to marinate, you will choose different spices.

Typically, people use salt and pepper to season, or you can also sprinkle salt on the meat after cutting meat. You should only sprinkle salt on the meat surface to marinate. Actions such as rubbing or patting the surface of the meat can affect the final steak quality.

You should do this step at the final preparation stage. The reason is that when you sprinkle salt on meat and leave it out at room temperature for a long time, the salt will cause the meat surface to become moist, which makes the first step that you pat the meat dry becomes futile.


Besides, when you marinate meat, you need to sprinkle salt evenly. It should be a single layer of salt. If you want to know the specific amount, you can measure it by this ratio: 1 teaspoon kosher salt for 1 pound of meat.

Step 3: Grilling Time

Time for grilling meat

Usually, using a cast-iron skillet for grilling meat is the best option, this is also the best kitchen utensil set you should have. Normally, the suitable skillet temperature for putting meat is when the amount of oil you pour into the pan evaporates.

If you use an indoor grill, you just need to set the heat level you want. There is an indicator light to indicate when the grill temperature is ready.

After placing the meat on the grill plate, you need to resist the temptation to lift the meat. Lifting meat early before reaching a certain degree of doneness will cause heat loss, resulting in improperly cooked meat.

In addition, that action causes a bad color for your steak, and even the doneness is inaccurate.

Thus, you should wait until the meat naturally separates itself from the grill plate. This gives the meat a nice brown color and grill marks. Once the meat has browned, you can flip it often and grill both sides to ensure that the meat cooks evenly as desired.

Step 4: Meat Resting

Meat resting

When you remove the meat from the grill, “carryover cooking” occurs. This process causes the meat temperature to continue to rise, causing a temperature difference of up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit between the inside and outside of the meat.

This difference is the premise for the meat to have the perfect tenderness and crust.

In addition, you should know that when meat is placed on a hot pan, the amount of meat water will evaporate due to the pan temperature. It means the higher the temperature, the more the meat’s physical structure loosens, and the juices evaporate.

Therefore, after removing the meat from the grill, time for meat cooling begins. The gradual decrease in temperature helps maintain meat’s physical structure so that the meat retains its juice.

Is it better to have juicy grilled meat than a dry one? The answer is yes. So, resting meat is an essential process for making the perfect steak.

You should let the grilled meat rest for about 10 minutes. If the meat is larger, you can increase the time to 20 minutes.

After resting time, meat juicy is at the best level, and it is the most suitable time to enjoy the final product.

Step 5: Cut And Enjoy!

Meat cutting

Cutting the grilled meat after finishing is also an art. If you look closely at a piece of meat, you’ll notice the fibers run in parallel directions. As cutting parallel to the grain of the meat, it is hard to enjoy. Although the meat is tender, you find it difficult to chew and tear the meat.

You should cut the meat perpendicular to the grain. As a result, the pieces have short fibers and are easy to enjoy.

If you still don’t understand why you need to cut perpendicularly, try cutting a piece of meat parallel to the grain as a test and have a bite. After that, you will understand why people recommend it.


Let’s apply all the processes above to your real cooking. The fact that each step plays an essential role, so you should not skip any of them.

Once you master these basic steps, you can easily make your best steak.

Hopefully, our article can help you cook the best electric grill indoor meat. If you cook steak outdoors, you can refer to the best deer skinning knives as they support a lot for your great experience.

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How To Use A Cocktail Shaker In The Right Way


When talking about necessary tools for bartending of any level, the cocktail shaker is an absolute must-have item to have at the bar. It’s not only helpful in making cocktails but shaking it vigorously over your shoulder could be an excellent stress reliever.

With knowledge and practice, you will master the technique in no time. Your cocktails will come out crisp and cold with the right balance of tastes.

Purpose Of Using A Cocktail Shaker

Like an ice maker, a fantastic cocktail shaker has become effective bar equipment that aids in the creation of mixed beverages and cocktails. It functions as a completely closed vessel enabling you to swiftly and thoroughly combine ingredients while it makes the drink cool at the same time.

Because your components frequently contact the ice’s surface area at a quick pace, shaking your cocktail reduces the temperature of your drink faster than stirring.

Besides chilling and mixing, a cocktail mixer is required to dilute any drink correctly. As the ice in the cocktail shaker melts and combines with other ingredients, you should add some water. This step is essential in making your cocktail since it helps smooth out the harsher tastes and alcohol levels, resulting in a smoother drink.

It also creates a lovely foam on the top of the drinks if you use egg whites or dairy. To make stirred drinks, use the tumbler side of the shaker as a mixing glass or cup.

Benefits Of Using Cocktail Shakers

Measure Out Components For Shaking Cocktail

You will not utilize a cocktail shaker to mix, shake, or chill a traditional martini or any other drink that is made from pure spirits. But, you will need shakers to mix and shake cocktails containing alcohol, juices, and syrups that don’t combine well when stirred.

On the other hand, you can use the cocktail shaker’s mixing tumbler to stir martinis and other drinks. Here are several simple guides for those two activities.

Shaking Cocktails

Shaking a drink is a simple procedure. From the moment you start pouring the ingredients to the time you drain the drink, it should just take a minute or two. A cocktail jigger makes measuring and pouring liquid components simple. In most instances, you’ll shake a cocktail by following these six steps:

  • Fill a cocktail shaker tin halfway with the ingredients.
  • Add ice to the cocktail shaker
  • Secure shaker tin or the lid.
  • Shake the mixer in a horizontal movement over your shoulder.
  • Shake for 10 seconds or until the outside of the shaker becomes frosty.
  • Strain your drink into chilled glasses. When making cocktails on the rocks, remember to strain over new ice.

Stirring Cocktails

Follow these instructions to learn how to stir the drink with a cocktail shaker.

  • Use a jigger to measure out your components and place them in the tumbler part of the cocktail shaker.
  • Fill the tumbler part of the cocktail shaker halfway to three-quarters of the way with ice.
  • Mix the cocktail for 1 to 2 minutes until it is well blended using a long-handled bar spoon.
  • Push the spoon to slide smoothly around the sides of the glass, ensuring the spoon’s back is flush against the glass’s wall.
  • After using a strainer, pour your drink into chilled glasses and serve immediately.

More our tips:

Types Of Popular Cocktail Shakers

When purchasing a best cocktail sets, the material is an essential factor to consider. You should go for stainless steel since it is resilient, simple to clean. In addition, it doesn’t retain heavy smells or tastes and keeps the temperature well.

Cocktail shakers are available on the market in three different designs, depending on which one you choose to add to your arsenal of bar equipment.

A Cocktail Shaker Set

Cobbler Shaker

Known as the cocktail mixer with 3-piece, Cobbler shakers are ideal for novices since they are simple to use. Plus, they also come with everything you require, including a helpful strainer, all in one convenient container.

A cobbler mixer consists of a shaker’s tin, a cover with a cap and a built-in sieve to hold everything closed during shaking. This shaker is ideal for preparing one or two drinks at a time.

Cobbler shakers do have a few disadvantages to consider. If not correctly fastened, they are likely to leak, or the cup and lid may freeze to each other during shaking, making it challenging to open them.

Cobblers also include plastic cups or glass are available, but they are unlikely to last. Many professional bartenders feel that using two tins delivers more consistent results.

Boston Shaker

Boston Shaker

For skilled bartenders, Boston shaker has become the standard of choice. A traditional Boston shaker consists of a big shaker tin, a small shake tin, and a glass. You will also need a useful cocktail strainer assisting you in filtering ice chips or other particles out of your cocktails as you pour them.

You may use the shaker’s tin to create a batch of cocktails since it can contain more liquid than the cobbler shakers. Although securing or separating the Boston shaker’ parts may be difficult at first, with experience, it will get simpler.

French Shaker

French Shaker

French shaker falls somewhere in the middle between the Boston and cobbler. Like cobbler shakers, it has shaker tin and a lid but does not include a strainer. The components of French shakers fit together as firmly as Boston shakers; thus leaks are less probable.

The French shaker also has an appealing look standing out behind every bar, but you might have fewer choices in size or shapes than the variety of a cobbler shaker or Boston shaker.


After some experience, you’ll discover that making mixed cocktails with any cocktail shaker is simple. If you want to improve your abilities, practice measuring, mixing, and straining with water until you get the hang of it. Then, you’ll be able to make excellent cocktails with ease.

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Sports & Activities

In Addition to its iconic beach, The Desert Rose Resort offers several recreational and sports facilities to grant you an unforgettable vacation.


Beach & Swimming Pools

1200 meter sandy private beach (Umbrellas, Sun Beds & Mattress are provided) on our iconic lagoon providing safe swimming zone for both adults & kids
Heated swimming pool 1250 m2 with designed kids’ area along with two kids’ water slides
Olympic pool is 1500 m2  international measured (The only Olympic swimming pool in Hurghada)
Relaxing swimming pool 2375 m2


Aqua Park

The Desert Rose Resort offers 6 slides water park granting you 6 different amazing adventures on the sound of DJ music Operating during the following hours : 10:00-12:00 & 14:00-16:00 winter time and from 10:00 – 12:00 & 15:00 to 17:00 summer time ,  Have fun!


Kids’ Club

Our little guest will enjoy unforgettable vacation too. The Desert Rose Resort Kids Club operating from 10:00 till 20:00 winter time and from 10:00 to 22:00 summer time providing different children activities.

The Kids Club is not for children below 4 years or above 12 years old


Water Sports

The Desert Rose Resort has a variety of water sports in cooperation with professional wind surfing center which also provide professional wind surfing lessons.

In addition our diving center provides an selection of professional diving trips and courses as well as fishing trips.



In addition to daily animation team program The Desert Rose Resort provides evening live entertainment performances in there different spots (Check our weekly entertainment program upon arrival).


We know you deserve it, so take your time to relax and visit Planet Beach SPA center to indulge yourself and try the different treatments provided by professional team :

  • Sauna
  • Peeling
  • Massage
  • Steam
  • Jacuzzi
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Facial & Body Therapy
  • Turkish Hammam


Recreation Facilities

In addition you are invited to enjoy the following sports & recreational acilities:

  • Beach Volley
  • Multi-Purpose Field
  • Darts & Billiards
  • Multi Lingual Animation activities
  • 3 Tennis Courts (Lighting and equipment available for rent)
  • Table Tennis
  • Aerobics
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Restaurants & Bars

The Desert Rose Resort offers wide range restaurants & Bars which provide various choices  of international cuisines & varieties that will satisfy all tastes.



The Palm Restaurant:
The Desert Rose Resort main restaurant serving buffet style breakfast, lunch, 7 different themes dinners during the week and late dinner
Our 7 themes are (Egyptian night, International night, Far Eastern night, Oriental night, Mediterranean night, B.B.Q night and Sea Food night)

La Dolce Vita:

Enjoy unlimited visits to our Italian restaurant serving classic Italian cuisine during lunch and dinner times (pre-reservation required)

IL Delfino:

Directly on the beach enjoy the Red Sea fresh sea food at Il Delfino our sea food restaurant during lunch and dinner times (pre-reservation required)


Enjoy the traditional Lebanese cuisine at Fatoosh restaurant serving dinner only (pre-reservation required)

El Ranchero:
Enjoy the taste of the authentic Mexican cuisine at El Ranchero serving lunch & dinner (pre-reservation required)



An array of selections serving drinks, cocktails, snacks and meals around the 24 hrs.

The Rosebar Lounge: located in the lobby open from 07:00 until 01:00 a.m.

Bar Tropicana: located in front of the main building – open from 08:00 until 00:00.

Club Soda Bar: located in front of the Olympic pool – open from 10:00 until 00:00.

Blue Lagoon Bar: open from 08:00 until sunset.

Sunset Bar: open from 08:00 until 00:00.

Sunset Snack Point: open from 10:00 until 18:00 serve the following:

  • From 10.00 until 12.30:  Cake / Danish / Croissant.
  • From 12:30 until 15:00 Salad bar / Hot Sandwiches / Pizza  / Dessert.
  • From: 15:00 until 18:00 Pasta station.

The Sand Bar: open from 08:00 until sunset.

Sea Breeze Bar: open from 08:00 until sunset.

Harry’s Pub: open from 18:00 until 04:00 a.m.

Bella Vista Bar: open from 09:00 until 21:00.

Star Disco: Free of charge open from 23:00 until 03:00 am.

Shisha Corner “Ali-Baba”: Near to the Olympic swimming pool. open from 16:00 until 00:00.

Room service: 24 hrs. Services against charge.


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Desert Rose Resort Overview

Within 10 minutes from Hurghada International Airport and only 15 minutes to Hurghada city center, the resort offers an array of choices for recreation , dining , shopping and entertainment as well as business. The Resort is ideally located on a beautiful private beach & situated on 300000 m2 providing an ideal setting for relaxation with it’s prime position blended with a 40000 m2 natural lagoon & 1 KM private beach suitable for sun – seekers, beach – lovers and scuba – divers alike. The Desert Rose Resort offers ideal conditions for a perfect holiday with an ideal 24 hours All Inclusive setting. The ideal lagoon is a choice location for windsurfing and enjoys a unique stretch of private beachfront providing a wonderful environment for activities or simply enjoying the sun. A year round unbeatable climate enables guests to relax in the resort pools or swim in the tranquil red sea lagoon. Spacious appointed guest rooms feature overlooking view of lush, landscaped gardens, swimming pools or sea view.